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Personal Whether Forecast

April 3, 2018 | By: deaneparkes

Words, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions contribute to our personal ‘whether system’.
These determine whether we have a good day or bad, whether friends, family or customers feel warm
or cold around us, whether we wreak havoc or harmony and overall whether we are toxic or
environmentally friendly.

I understand there are outside influences beyond control that justify our approach to life yet how we
respond really determines how these affect us and in turn affect those around us.

So what does this have to do with business?

If you look at the lives of successful people in any walk of life they often say similar things – you need a
positive attitude, you need to really believe in yourself, you need to stay focused on your goals, you
need proper thinking to grow rich, you need to feel ‘as if’ you already are successful, you need to have a
purpose/passion/persistence and so on. The keys is you are personally responsible for your success.

To maintain a positive, vibrant energy these days seems to require more effort than ever before. The
business world is full of uncertainty as more competition, companies buying companies, products being
sold everywhere, margins reduced, finding good staff and all the other ‘joys’.

Add to this all the personal challenges, price of gas, family illness, world politics, environmental issues,
relationships, you get the picture.

I feel when things around me seem out of my control, the only area I have any control is how I am going
to respond and ultimately take action.

Trust me I do not always choose properly however I now understand no one is to blame for my response
than me.

Here are suggestions to maintain a clear sunny whether forecast:

  • Use positive words, consider what you say and how people respond. Remember your tone
    of voice [38%] and your body language [55%] are more critical than words [7%].
  • POWER OF STUDY: Take time to read books, attend seminars, google the Internet on positive
    thinking, how to strengthen your talents, and other ways to improve yourself. Learn from
  • Take time to recharge your batteries – this could be through prayer, meditation, quiet time
    or other ‘alone’ moments to clear yourself. Lakota saying ‘a man’s heart devoid of nature
    grows hard’.
  • Exercise and eat well. Too much is written proving lack of exercise and poor diet create low energy, poor thinking, low self-esteem and bad behaviour. Heck in our industry this is one thing we should be doing right!
  • Be grateful for everything you have.
  • Love life.
  • Look at your habits and consider 90% of your behaviour is based on your habits. You may need to work hard to change old habits, be patient with yourself yet be persistent.
  • Use positive self-talk. Sometimes a piece of paper and writing down how you would like to be is a good way to ‘train’ thinking. Write down 50 times – I love myself, I am positive and energetic, I love to exercise, I have financial abundance or other positive things to adjust your thinking.
  • Practice feeling what it is like to be the way you want to be. Feeling is the fuel for your thoughts. Thoughts with no feeling go nowhere.
  • Become aware of your ‘mood’. When having an off day be kind to yourself and be extra careful in your daily interactions with others.
  • Have fun, laugh a lot, hug and do not take yourself too seriously.
  • Hang out with people you love.

So what will tomorrows whether forecast be? Will you have a bright and sunny day or will it be cloudy
and overcast. Your choice!

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