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Personal Development

Read Article - Personal Whether Forecast
Personal Whether Forecast

Words, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions contribute to our personal ‘whether system’. Each of these determine whether we have a good day or bad, whether friends, family or customers feel warm or cold around us, whether we create havoc or harmony and overall whether we are toxic or environmentally friendly. I understand there are outside […]

Read Article - The Sales Personality
The Sales Personality

Bernie Siegel MD made an interesting discovery working with patients with multiple personality disorder. As the patients experienced distinct change in personality they also experienced distinct change in ailments and addictions. As example in one personality a patient may have a severe skin rash while in another the rash would clear up or in one […]

Read Article - Multitasking

Multitasking can lower a man’s IQ by 15 points and a woman by 5 points contributing to poor decision making according to David Rock author of Your Brain at Work. [I highly recommend reading to assist in our ‘always on’ society..] The prefrontal cortex [forehead region] is the biological region where you hold conscious thought. […]

Read Article - Know what you are BEST at
Know what you are BEST at

Leadership and management are often thought to be the same. If someone is a manager they are assumed to be a leader. From my experience I have not found this to be true. Though both are vital to the success of any business leadership and management are two different roles and often a good manager […]

Read Article - Positive Relationships… a key to Longevity
Positive Relationships… a key to Longevity

Robin Sharma in his book ‘The Greatness Guide’ gives simple ways to build superb relationships. There really are 2 main focuses for a business – # 1 – build strong long lasting relationships with your customers/fellow workers and # 2 – create value through the products and services you offer. Relationships and Value!!! Here are […]


Perhaps the greatest piece of advice I have had was sitting in the audience as Brian Tracey, sales training and leadership expert, told about ‘The Golden Hour’. [Thank you Brian].  He said if you want to be in the top 1%-10% in world expertise in ‘any’ subject start each day with an hour of reading […]

Read Article - Lead the Way
Lead the Way

Do you like being told what to do? Do you like it when you are shopping and are told ‘it is not my decision’ or ‘I do not make the rules around here’ or ‘that is company policy I cannot do anything about it?’ or some other ‘pass the buck’ comment. Well I know you […]

Read Article - Personal Renovation Tips
Personal Renovation Tips

The need to continually find ways to improve yourself has never been more important than today. Competition is everywhere selling everything and to stay ahead or at least keep up requires a focus on finding ways to improve. Reading many books over the years I found some basic ‘to dos’ that have really helped me […]

Read Article - Developing Good Selling Habits
Developing Good Selling Habits

Up to 90% of our behavior is based on our habits. If we want to change our behavior we need to develop new habits. With this in mind it is easy to realize great selling behavior often requires learning the proper selling habits and continually improving on them. As we know changing poor habits is […]

Read Article - Reaching Your Sales Goals
Reaching Your Sales Goals

I am often asked by business owners for suggestions to help increase their sales. In most cases when I ask what are their sales targets or how many customers at what average sale do they need to do to reach the target, they do not know. If you do not know where it is you […]

Read Article - Reverse Mentoring
Reverse Mentoring

When I get bummed out talking to all the old foggies in the ‘health industry’ discussing all our uncertainties about the future, due to regulations, mass, too many products and all the other uplifting topics I make a point of connecting with some of the younger people just getting started or who grew up and […]

Read Article - Look Good – Sell Better
Look Good – Sell Better

It has been proven through research that a first time shopper will size up your store and make very strong, often long lasting impressions of your store in the first 8 seconds. 95% of the first impression you make on a customer is determined by the way you dress !!! The way you dress represents […]

Read Article - Why we do what we do!!!
Why we do what we do!!!

Do you still get all revved up and passionate about what you do each day? Do the day to day retailing ‘jobs’ distract you from the real reason you chose this profession? As I have heard David Chapman of Purity say on many occasions ‘we are in business to create wellbeing in people’s lives’. We […]

Read Article - Holistically Speaking
Holistically Speaking

To me the greatest benefit of being part of the HFI is living the lifestyle. If you work in the health industry and you are not yet living the lifestyle you are missing out big time. Living the lifestyle may take on a variety of forms however the key is to realize the nutritional and […]