Deane Parkes

Emotional Tone of Your Business

In their thoroughly researched book The Carrot Principle authors Gostick and Elton laid the foundation for their ORANGE REVOLUTION. This is a book I strongly recommend to those who are looking to build a stronger business ‘team’. Their research is taken from surveys of over 350,000 employees.

5 Keys to developing a highly motivated fully engaged business:

  1. Goals – People need clear goals in their job. What am I supposed to do? Where is the company going? How will we get there? Who is responsible for what actions? When are specific timelines?
  2. Communication – Though the # 1 complaint in most companies is not enough communication it is very important to focus on improving communication on all levels of your business.
  3. Trust – We all have heard that once the trust is gone in a relationship the relationship is over even if you attempt to believe otherwise. A key to trust is to be consistent.
  4. Accountability – everyone in the company needs to be accountable for their specific contribution. To take personal responsibility for the success of the business.
  5. Recognition – Praise and recognition are the fuel that energizes us through our daily work.

The emotional connection employees in a company have is a direct reflection of the emotional connection the company will have with their customers. The Carrot Principle will help give you practical ideas to improve your relationships with each other and thus your customers.

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