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Promotion Training

Training Videos

EP01 – Intro to Promotions

EP02 – Creating Demand

EP03 – Brand Profile

EP04 – Returning Customers

EP05 – Community Focus

EP06 – Be Loud

EP07 – Know Your Vitals

EP08 – The Power of Your Database

EP09 – Marketing

EP10 – Advertising Challenges

EP11 – Whats Your Story

EP12 – Sell the Organic Solution

EP13 – Writing a Press Release

EP14 – The Power of Media

EP15 – How to Build an Advertorial

EP16 – Feature Your Staff

EP17 – Customer Appreciation Day

EP18 – Keep Them Coming Back

EP19 – Educated Customers Buy More

EP20 – Give it Away to Gain it Back

EP21 – Coupons

EP22 – Seminars

EP23 – The Real Competition

EP24 – No Deaths From Vitamins

EP25 – What Matters to a Woman

EP26 – How to Beat the Mass Retailer

EP27 – Be Patient