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Freerange Education for Independent Natural Food and Supplement Retailers, Suppliers, Brokers, Sales Reps

From owners to front line staff will help you become better at what you do, guaranteed! Owners, managers, floor staff will each have noticeable results feeling more inspired, engaged, accountable, skilled, and confident with the gained knowledge.

Meet Deane

The purpose of is to share what I have learned in my 45 years of experience as a natural food consumer, retailer, supplier, distributor, manufacturer, sales rep, broker, industry board member and natural health advocate. covers topics on important building blocks of business, including leadership, sales, marketing, management, personal development and environmental issues. There are also links to top natural health sites, and much more.

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“Deane Parkes continues to do on the web what he has done in person for his entire 45 year career: engage, inspire and educate business people in the natural health industry. With his website, Deane brings his knowledge of both the retail and supply sides of the business to the forefront with his helpful and informative insights. He gives the savvy business owner plenty to think about.”

- Bruce W Cole
Publisher at CNHR Magazine

“We had Deane Parkes come into our store and train our staff and we used his online training. Not only did our staff see the benefit and have more confidence in doing their job and interacting with customers, but we saw our sales increase. I would recommend every health food retailer that wants to save time in their training and enjoy the benefits of a more educated employee take advantage of these programs. ”

- Dave Fuller
Health Food Retailer for 28 Years, Profit Yourself Healthy

“I was so delighted with Deane Parkes’ recent talk at our store staff meeting! Deane mixes retail smarts, common-sense manners and heartfelt, often humorous anecdotes to deliver a well-rounded and inspiring presentation. The way he incorporated our store’s own core values into the content of his talk was not only clever but sincere and effective. Our employees were genuinely moved and inspired. I’ve also featured some of Deane’s “Free Range Retailing” videos at other staff meetings, and his unique customer service tips have been similarly well-received. Deane has worn many hats over the years in the natural health industry and this breadth of perspective is evident in person as well as on screen.”

- Jason Sebeslav
Owner, The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market

“I am so excited to hear that Deane will be launching a training website for retailers!

My past experience with Deane has been extremely positive, inspirational and helpful. Deane's knowledge, experience and dedication to customer service, team building and employee engagement is evident in all that he is involved in within the health food industry. His passion and authenticity coupled with clear, simple and relevant delivery of information makes it a pleasure to listen to him.

I truly appreciate Deane's commitment to the industry and look forward to all that's in store for 2018! ”

- Rick Payant
Owner, Natural Food Pantry

“I learned alot and had a much better perspective on this industry from Dean's seminar. Sometimes I become overwhelmed by the pressure I put on myself to sell sell sell that I feel at the end of the day we're counting money instead of lives changed. After each continual training with preferred I learn how to better combine products sold so that customers get better results and in the end more products are sold. I can honestly say that out of everything in this store nothing has given our customers (and my self and friends) better results! I really needed last nights training to remind me how much of an impact we can make on others lives and how much we can do to prevent major health problems in our own lives.”

- TC

“We are wondering if you plan to come out this way in the future & if you would be interested in blessing us with your presence once again? With our growth & staff changes lately we really need a kick & think that you are just the person who could help. Would you be interested in giving our company another one of your sales presentations? If there is a chance that this would interest you & that you are willing to help please advise.

We have always appreciated your professional way of getting the message through.”

- JP

“Deane, thank you for taking the time to speak to us and offering such valuable advice to help us grow. Looking forward to being able to work with you more in the future.”

- Laura & Chris

“Excellent posting on LinkedIn.

This is a business / management series worthy of hitting the road on or being in in a biz program at some college or institutions. Way to go!!!!!!”

- Chris