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Health Store Creed

January 5, 2017 | By: deaneparkes

I ran across this from an article I wrote in early 2000’s for CNHR and felt it was worth a rerun.

Look over the list, see what you do well, see where you may improve however realize what you do every day makes a difference in the lives of the people in your community!

The Rebel Retailer Creed:

I bring passion, enthusiasm and emotion to my job.

I am committed to making a difference.

I will work with other rebel-spirited people.

I will lead the charge to bring the message of natural health to my community.

I will be unique and bold so everyone in my community knows what I stand for.

I do not fear the competition but welcome them as they make me stronger.

I will toss out sales reps who knock the competition while in my store….if they’re lucky, I will warn them first.

I will spy on the competition and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

I will be the best trained at my job and ensure that everyone I work with is well trained and working to be the best they possibly can.

My store is a reflection of the dedication I have to my customers and I am proud of the way it looks and feels.

I will be impeccable in my integrity and deliver what I promise.

I will send messages of health to all media on a regular basis so everyone in my community knows who we are, what we stand for and how to find us.

I will lead the community with trusted information about organic foods, herbs, supplements, homeopathy and the many other great products I offer.

I will fight the misinformation from drug, biotechnology and the medical profession that support the use of many harmful substances.

I will be proud of what I stand for.

I will laugh alot, have fun and, if I mess up, know that this is how I learn and is as normal as breathing.

I will hang out with other seriously radical rebels.

I will be a little bit “in people’s faces” about what I stand for.

I will never sell anyone something I would not take if I was in their shoes.

I will make a strong profit , for then I will be able to continue to bring healthy products to my customers.

I will be grateful for having the opportunity to give service to my community in a way that has such a strong impact on people’s lives……I am truly blessed.

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