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Business Whether Forecast

April 3, 2018 | By: deaneparkes

The business whether is erratic these day – whether sales will grow, whether margins dry
up, whether you can attract new customers, whether mass market and on-line will take all
the business, whether govt regs will limit sales plus many other whether conditions that
blow in from all directions.

Here is a list of whether conditions that can have a positive effect on your business:

  • Whether you have the ‘right’ people on staff – it is not enough to have people doing a
    job as much as having the right person doing the right job. Hire people as ‘experts’ in
    their position who are better than you.
  • Whether everyone is focused on what they should be doing. Very little is usually
    invested in training staff properly so they really are able to excel at their job. Most people
    want to do a good job so make sure you train them proper so they can excel. Keep their
    brains clear not cloudy.
  • Whether everyone has the proper tools to do their job. Even something as simple as a
    price gun that works or an updated version of software. We all know how frustrating it is
    to work without the proper tools and knowing how to use them.
  • Whether you praise each other enough. The # reason for dissatisfaction at work is lack
    of praise. Lead with appreciation, thanks, acknowledgement and recognition. Nothing
    will bring more sunshine into your business and reflect on your customers.
  • Whether you help staff grow in responsibility. Funny how a person can raise a family,
    have a mortgage, pay monthly bills, feed themselves yet at work only a fraction of their full value is recognized. Help everyone maximize their potential even if it means they out grow your business.
  • Whether you really care about each other. Heck we spend probably more waking time together than with our family. Understanding and compassion will do wonders for your relationships with each other. And remember how you treat your staff is how they will treat your customers.
  • Whether you have fun as a team. Yes work can get ‘busy’ but make sure you take time to laugh with yourselves.
  • Whether you review how they are doing. It is important you give people feedback. Generally if you have a problem with someone give them immediate feedback and at least once per year sit with them and review their progress. Create a plan for the coming year for where you both see the job growing.
  • Whether you challenge your staff. Most people love to be challenged and feel great when they accept and meet the challenge. Look for ways to stretch people outside their comfort zones. So many people have huge potential waiting for someone to give them the nudge [kick] to go to the next level in their career and life.

If you first look after the People Whether Condition in your store it will immediately start to
reflect in all the other whether conditions – whether the store is well merchandised, whether
customers are treated well, whether staff want to sell, whether promotions run smoothly, whether
ills get paid, etc and most of all whether your business will whether the economical storm for
years to come.

People are the greatest indicator whether your business will do well!

I suggest you read ‘Follow This Path’ by Coffman to really understand reaching your potential –
now it is up to you whether you do it or not.

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