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Instore Promotion

December 16, 1998

Last month I covered the foundation of health store retailing “Education”. This month I cover the 2nd key factor “Instore Promotion”. When I talk of instore promotion I am not only speaking of having a sale or a product demo. Your store, how it looks, feels and sounds creates impressions on your customers. Your customers […]

We are all Salespeople

December 16, 1998

For many there is an uneasy feeling associated with thinking of themselves as salespeople but please get out of the closet and accept the fact. Either you are selling health products and selling people products for a healthier lifestyle or you are??? It is all nice to be educators, friendly, caring etc but if we […]

A Strong Retail Immune System

June 14, 1998

Maintaining a strong retail immune system. Very few industries are having the type of growth as the Natural Products Industry. Our window of opportunity is wide open and if we expect to enjoy long term success we need to do what we do best now. This often requires first we  define what we do best? […]